Special Concerns

You truly have the perfect dog, except for one thing. That one thing can make you feel silly, can be embarrassing, or even be unsafe.

Maybe your dog jumps on guests. Does your dog bolt out the door (unsafe). Maybe your dog barks, from your living room window, at anyone walking by. Could your dog come better when called?

Is your dog afraid of other people, other dogs, possibly reactive?

Do you need to figure out ways to wear out your dog more effectively? After all, a tired dog is a good dog. Let's teach fetch!

Is your dog uncomfortable for nail trims, brushing?

Problem solving sessions are treated individually and custom designed for your particular situation. 

dog running with toy

Special Concerns - Problem Solving

  • $75 per hour session or $185 for 3 session package

  • Package is 3 one-hour training sessions,

    • Additional one-hour sessions may be purchased at a discounted rate

  • Included is an initial 20 minute virtual consult