Raising A Puppy

Raising a puppy is much like raising a child. It's necessary to teach them desirable behaviors, prevent problems, and manage their environment. 

From 8-18 weeks is your puppy's socialization period. Those first experiences will shape how your puppy feels about the things he or she will encounter in life. Let's get out and about with your new pup and make those experiences fun.

I can help you help your puppy feel confident among other people, animals, and places in the environment. I want your puppy to be comfortable going anywhere that you want to take him or her.


The "Big 3" Many Puppies Need Help With

  • House & potty training

  • Play biting and mouthiness

  • Destructive chewing

Life Skills for All Puppies

  • Stay

  • Leave it

  • Walk nice on leash

  • Come when called

  • Sit and sit to greet

  • Down/lay down

  • Handling for nail trims, vet visits and grooming

Puppy Package 

  • $185

  • ​For puppies under 5 months of age

  • 3 one-hour training sessions, including in-home & out-and-about

  • Included is an initial 20 minute virtual consult  

  • Additional one-hour sessions may be purchased at a discounted rate