Why does my person...?

All too often we ask ourselves, "why does my dog do that?". Putting ourselves in our dog's paws, looking at life from our dog's perspective is the best clue in finding some of those answers. Our dog understands much more than what we give him/her credit for. We often, unknowingly, give responses that increase our dog's behavior...possibly a behavior that we don't appreciate? Those responses, which can be as slight as eye contact, a "shush" if they are whining, a touch or pet when they nudge you, or pushing them down when they jump up on us, are valuable to the dog. Positive or negative, our dog is feeding from the reinforcement.

Um, Dog here. Why does my person get super vocal when someone comes to the door, especially after I've already given the vocal warning...duh! That person can sure get loud!

Why does my person talk to the computer screen, and often a voice will respond from the computer?

When I see a squirrel out the window and get very excited, my person sometimes closes the curtain...ugh!! When my person gets very excited watching those guys throw a ball on TV, I don't turn off the TV!

Why does my person go places without me, and yet I'm supposed to always take my person with me, on the other end of the leash?

Why does my person stay in bed longer on a day off, when that is the very special day that we have TOGETHER to do stuff?

I might have to do a little ruff-search, and get back to you.

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